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Linear Sensors from MEGATRON

For linear position detections and length measurements, MEGATRON linear sensors are available in different forms with four different measuring principles. A broad range of applications with measuring strokes from 2mm to 4000mm, can be implemented. Which measuring principle is best suited for the respective measuring task depends on the ambient conditions, the dynamics, the specified precision and, of course, the distance to be measured. Economic factors also play a role in choosing the right sensor type in order to achieve the best possible cost-effectiveness ratio.
To facilitate electronic integration, MEGATRON developed E-versions with integrated electronics for the potentiometric and inductive transducers. This allows direct connection to the typical 0...10V and 4...20mA analog signals without external amplifier. In the magnetostrictive distance sensors the electronic signal processing is always integrated after the run time measurement. The linear incremental encoders output counting pulses in the TTL or LD level. In order to provide optimal consulting and service for your engineering applications, MEGATRON offers more than 50 series of linear sensors. Our great experience in printing, textile and medical engineering helps to find quickly and cost saving solutions. Diverse types, optimally designed to be space-saving, robust and precise, are available. The sensors meet high standards, such as protection type IP67 and measuring dynamics with a variation speed of up to 10m/s. The combination of stability and precision is the hallmark of MEGATRON linear sensors.