Accessories for Enclosures

Housing feet and bumpers, edge protection and covers, hinges, locks and top-hat rail holders

With the ELPAC brand, we offer almost everything that is necessary for electronics housing construction and beyond. With high delivery reliability and quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application. Take a look at our B2B shop for components and find out about prices, availability and place your order.

Housing feets
Housing feet
Housing feet - secure stand for your housing
Vibration damper
Bumpers - minimize vibration, noise and impact
Edge protection
Edge protection
Edge protection - sharp edges are a thing of the past
Covers - protection for your housing, PCB and plug connections
Hinges and locks
Plastic hinges and locking devices
Plastic hinges and locking devices
Damper - for drawers, blinds, doors or cassettes
Magnetic tape
Magnetic tapes
Magnetic tapes – as magnetic closure or as flexible storage labeling
top-hat rail
DIN rail holder
DIN rail holder - made of aluminum or plastic for the safe hold of your aluminum housing
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