Potentiometric linear position sensor CH37

Linear position sensor CH37 for use in hydraulic cylinders with up to 340 bar for 100 to 550 mm strokes

Effective electrical travel: From 100 to 550 mm in 7 variants
Mechanical position detection: Guided cursor / actuator
Sensor Technology: Potentiometric
Design: Flange, Cylindrical profile
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class: IP00
Electrical connection: Axial, Connector, Strands
Functions / Features: Hydraulic applications

The CH37 series is used in compact hydraulic cylinders, which require a small displacement sensor with up to 340 bar.

  • Internal or external flange design
  • Space saving design
  • Independent linearity ±0.1%
  • Conductive plastic with almost infinite resolution
  • Measuring lengths from 50 mm to 550 mm
  • Long life span (100 million movements)



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