Standoffs & Distance Tubes

Made of metal or plastic

We offer a wide range of metal or plastic standoffs for PCB design. They can be used to prevent mechanical contact between components and provide sufficient space for the circulation of waste heat. The outer shells of the standoffs are either round or hexagonal.The standoffs have metric threads, which are available with internal/internal, external/external or internal/external threads, depending on the type.  Due to this concept, the distance height can be adjusted quickly and flexibly if required.

The selection of the material for standoffs is a decisive criterion for the requirements of the application. Metal standoffs are largely insensitive to heat and cold. With the appropriate alloy they are resistant to corrosion, moisture and aggressive environmental conditions. In addition, they offer significantly higher stability than plastic standoffs. The latter are the ideal components for separating electrical components because they have an insulating property. Distance tubes without internal threads are also often used for this purpose.

With the ELPAC brand, we offer a wide range of plastic components for PCB construction and electronics housing construction. With high delivery reliability and quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application. Take a look at our B2B shop for components and find out about prices, availability and place your order.