Hand Joysticks

Heavy duty joysticks for precise control - individually configurable

Hand joysticks, also known as "heavy-duty joysticks", are used in safety-relevant and complex applications. The high demands of the application are reflected in these joysticks. The increased stability is achieved mostly by the size. The range of functions is extended by integrating additional input elements in the handles. For this purpose, push buttons and even small thumb joysticks can be integrated if required.

The human-machine interface is of central importance for the control of cranes, construction machinery, lifting platforms, water cannons, off-road vehicles and much more. And the more demanding the application, the greater the need to optimize the control element. For handheld joysticks, concrete function adjustments and optimization of the haptics are therefore very common.

MEGATRON accompanies you and your application from the inquiry to the realization of serial production as your partner. In doing so, it is our claim to produce the best "design-in" under economic and functional aspects. With high delivery reliability and assured quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application.

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Hand joystick-871
Hand Joystick Series 871
Particularly high-quality, medium-sized hand joystick with a cobra knob
  • Ergonomic Cobra handle providing space for individual components placement
  • Customized version with up to 5 axes possible
  • Robust construction ideally suited for heavy-duty applications
  • Expected life of more than 5 million operations without change in feel
  • Small installation depth of <49 mm for space-saving integration into panels and driver's cabs
  • Separate wiring of switches other input elements for safe operation
Hand joystick-870
Hand Joystick Series 870
Highest quality hand joystick with compact installation dimensions
  • Particularly high quality hand joystick with stock grip handle
  • Robust design, predestined for heavy duty applications
  • Lifespan of over 5 million movements for long-term reliable operation
  • Small installation depth of <49 mm for space-saving installation in control panels and driver's cabs
  • Optionally with button, rocker switch or z axis to control additional functions
  • 12-pin connector for easy installation in series production (optionally also with cable outlet)
  • Protection class up to IP65
Hand joystick-891
Hand Joystick Series 891
Large, multifunctional heavy-duty hand joystick of the highest quality with cobra knob
  • Ergonomic cobra-shaped handle for ergonomic control of complex machines
  • Equipped with conductive plastic potentiometers or Hall sensors (both also available as redundant versions) as the ideal solution for your electronics
  • Outstanding quality of mechanics and sensors for long-term, reliable operation
  • Various configuration options for rockers, switches, latching positions and micro switches to meet safety-critical requirements
  • Available with spring return to centre position or with friction brake
  • Feel of the x and y axes can be adjusted separately for optimization on special applications
  • Special version with fully rotatable cobra knob available
  • Degree of protection up to IP65 (above the panel, depending on configuration)
Hand joystick-890
Hand Joystick Series 890
Large heavy-duty joystick with stock grip handle of the highest quality with configurable sensors
  • Outstanding quality of mechanics and sensor technology for many years of reliable operation
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers or Hall sensors (both also available as redundant version) as ideal solution for your electronics
  • Wide range of configuration options for switches, latching positions, etc. to meet safety-critical requirements
  • Haptics and behavior of the x and y-axis can be adjusted separately for optimization for special application
  • Available with spring return to central position or with friction brake
  • Protection class IP65 (above the panel)
Hand joystick-TRY54
Hand Joystick TRY54
Cutting-edge, ergonomic hand grip for extreme applications
  • CANBus joystick (CAN SAE J1939-71 or CANOpen)
  • SIL 2 capable
  • Reliability through redundant Hall sensors
  • Withstands axial loads of more than 1700 N
  • Up to 10 million movement cycles
  • Low installation depth
Hand joystick-TRY50
Hand Joystick TRY50
Compact and robust hand-size joystick
  • Up to two pushbutton in handle
  • IP class 65
  • Optionally available with USB and CAN (J1939)
Hand joystick-TRY52
Hand Joystick TRY52
Multifunction handle: Compact and strong
  • 1 and 2 Axes
  • Up to 10 millions cycles under high loads
  • IP class up to 63
  • Multifunction handle for additional functions, e.g. Switches, Rockers,
  • Also available with USB- or CANbus-Interface
Hand joystick-TRY80
Hand Joystick TRY80
For heavy-duty applications
  • Different handle designs available
  • Optionally with push buttons and deadman trigger
  • Industrial-suited robust design
  • IP classes up to 63 (on request)
  • Several output options (analog, CAN J1939, CANopen, USB)
Hand joystick-TRY81
Hand Joystick TRY81
Customizable multifunctional joystick
  • Handle can be configured individually with pushbuttons
  • IP class up to 63
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