Button Load Cells

Compression force transducer with strain gauge technology for central force application

Our compact load cells with load introduction button or through bore (with or without thread) are suitable for compressive forces up to 500 kN. The robust steel or aluminium measuring bodies all operate on the basis of proven strain gauge full bridge technology and provide an analogue output signal in mV/V. External measuring amplifiers (IMA2DMS) are available as accessories for signal amplification.

Button cells apply force directly to the central load button. Pancake load cells apply the force through the through-hole, making them particularly suitable for measuring clamping forces. The design of our force sensors allows them to achieve protection ratings of up to IP66. A measurement report specifies the exact electro-mechanical characteristics in relation to the data sheet.

We offer a wide range of standard load cells and understand the advanced requirements of demanding applications. We have the experience and expertise to help you solve your measurement problems. We can support you even with small quantities.