Potentiometric linear transducer MBX

Ultra-slim 7 mm height linear transducer and universal cursor ideal for tight spaces for 50 to 200 mm strokes

  • Minimum height only < 7 mm
  • Easy mounting
  • Flexible mechanical coupling with universal cursor
  • No push rod required
Data sheet
Effective electrical travel From 50 to 200 mm in 4 variants
Sensor Technology Potentiometric
Protection Class IP00
Resolution Analogue stepless
Mechanical Detection Type Guided cursor
Electrical Outlet Type Strands
Mounting Screw Mounting / Bore Holes
Electr. output signal (voltage - potentiometric)
Ind. linearity (best) ±1%
Actuating speed < 0.5 m/s
Max. operating temperature +70 °C
Min. operating temperature -15 °C
Minimum overall length Small (< 15 cm), Medium (15 to 50 cm)
Supply voltage Potentiometric
The potentiometric displacement sensor MBX series is ideal for ... more
Product description: Potentiometric linear transducer MBX

The potentiometric displacement sensor MBX series is ideal for applications where space is at a premium due to its extremely flat design with an overall height of only 7 mm. In addition, the universal cursor can be mechanically coupled in a flexible manner, eliminating the need for a push rod and saving space in the customer's application. With its open design, the encoder is intended for installation in a customer housing.
The sensors are linear displacement transducers based on conductive plastic technology. The potentiometric measuring principle makes the displacement sensors insensitive to X-rays and EMC influences. Please note that a potentiometric sensor with conductive plastic technology is not intended to be integrated into the application as a "resistor". In principle, the voltage divider circuit should be used. Overhead mounting is also recommended.

Universal coupling of the cursor in the application - installation example:
MBX Slide coupling Example


Application example: linear sensors for drives

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