Electronics Housings

In aluminium or plastic versions for PCB, Eurocard and electronics installation

Our electronics housings are ideally suited for electronics installation like printed circuit boards. They are available as plastic and aluminium housings. They are used as stand-alone, handheld or for installation in system racks. Our housing accessories and electronics components complement the range of products for PCB construction in electronics housing technology.

While the plastic housings are mainly customizable in colour and plastic type, our aluminium housings can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements of the application: This includes height and length, machining of the housings and end plates such as drilling, cutting, milling and appropriate seals.

We realize individual designs according to customer requirements on request. MEGATRON is your specialist for customized product adaptations. With high delivery reliability and assured quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application.

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Aluminium Bar Profiles
Aluminum bar profile STP
Bar profiles by the meter (up to 3000 mm) for self-assembly of individual aluminum housings
  • For self-assembly of individual aluminum housings
Aluminium Housing-DIN-K
Aluminum housing DIN K
The aluminum electronics housings of the DIN K series are designed according to DIN IEC 61554: 2002-08
  • DIN aluminum housing
  • IEC 61554: 2002-08
  • 10 DIN sizes in 8 lengths
  • Black or natural anodized
Aluminium Housing-EST
Aluminum housing EST
The EST series of aluminum miniature housings are available in numerous housing sizes
  • Small aluminum enclosure
  • 2 rounded half-shells
  • Numerous sizes, heights and lengths
  • Plastic or aluminum end plates
Aluminium Housing-EUKAP-FM
Aluminium small housing EUKAP FM
Aluminium small housing in 15 variants and 3 standard lengths also suitable for D-Sub connectors
  • Aluminium Small housing for PCB thickness 1.6 / 1.8 mm
  • 3 outside heights 16/20/24 mm
  • Standard lengths 50/80/100 mm
  • Board widths 21..67.5 mm
  • D-Sub plug capable models
Aluminium Housing-EUKAP-SP
Aluminium side profile housing EUKAP SP
Aluminium housing in any desired length and width in heights 42 mm (SP42) and 56 mm (SP56)
  • Housing in the heights 42/56 mm in any desired length and width
  • Standard housing in euroboard format 103 x 42/56 x 165 mm (W x H x L)
Aluminum housing EUKAP-R
Aluminium housing EUKAP R
Aluminium housing with cooling fins for euroboards with 100 mm width in three housing heights
  • Profiles with cooling fins
  • 3 housing hights with 100 mm internal dimension
Aluminium Housing-EUKAP-201FF
Aluminium housing EUKAP K
The EUKAP K series of aluminium housings for 100 mm euroboards in seven housing heights
  • Wide range of variants
  • 7 housing heights with internal dimensions of 100 mm
  • 2 profiles with external cooling fins
  • In protection class IP65 with density elements
Aluminium Housing-EUKAP-FS
Aluminium housing EUKAP FS
Aluminium housing for euroboards with 100 mm width, housing in 6 heights and 3 standard lengths available
  • For euroboards with 100 mm width
  • In 6 different heights
  • Standard lengths 100/120/160 mm
  • Aluminium kit housing
Aluminium Housing-EUKAP-45_55
Aluminum housing EUKAP 45/55
Aluminum housing EUKAP 45/55 in the U-profile and insertion cover is designed for Euro cards in 100/164 mm width
  • Aluminum housing with slide-in cover
  • For euroboards with 100/164 mm width
Aluminium Housing-MINKAP-K
Aluminium housing MINKAP K
Aluminium housing MINKAP K for circuit boards with VG ledge for printed circuit boards of 107 mm width
  • Standard size 107 x 26,2 x 160 mm (W x H x L)
  • End plates for VG ledge with C096 plug connector according to IEC 60603-2
  • 4 outer grooves for mounting
Aluminium Housing-MINKAP-G
Aluminium housing MINKAP G
Aluminium small housing MINKAP G for euroboards with VG ledge as insert in 3U/19"
  • For single euroboards with 100 mm width
  • Standard size 100 x 22.4 x 160 mm (W x H x L)
  • End plates for VG ledge with C096 plug connector according to IEC 60603-2
  • For the insertion of 3HE/19"card carriers
Plastic housing TPC
Plastic housing TPC
Plastic hand-held housing TPC with protective cover - in 18 color combinations and 6 housing sizes
  • Plastic hand-held housing in 6 different sizes
  • Protective cover made of silicone in numerous colors
  • Numerous color combinations possible
Plastic housing TKC
Plastic housing TKC
Plastic hand-held housing with battery compartment and protective cover: 8 battery types, 9 housing sizes, numerous color combination
  • For 8 different battery types
  • Plastic hand-held housing in 9 different sizes
  • Protective cover made of silicone in numerous colors
  • Numerous color combinations possible
Plastic housing GKI
Plastic housing GKI
Plastic instrument housing with IP54 protection and 12 housing sizes: Light gray in impact-resistant ABS and dark gray ABS UL94-V0
  • Protection class IP54
  • Made of ABS
  • Numerous housing sizes
Plastic housing GKF
Plastic housing GKF
Plastic hand-held housing made of ABS in 2 housing sizes with or without battery compartment
  • GKF B1 without battery compartment
  • GKF B2 with battery compartment
Plastic housing GK
Plastic housing GK
Plastic small housing in protection class IP65 made of temperature-resistant polycarbonate or impact-resistant ABS in numerous housing sizes
  • Protection class IP65
  • Made of temperature-resistant polycarbonate -40..+ 125°C
  • Or impact-resistant ABS -30..+ 80°C
  • Also with transparent housing cover
  • Numerous housing sizes
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