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Joysticks from MEGATRON

Joysticks play a central role as input devices in control concepts in the man-machine interface. A connected system carries out a defined action corresponding to the movement of the joystick lever. In the simplest case a switch is activated for each direction of movement, and multi-stage switching processes are also possible. In the most frequent applications the output signal of a joystick continuously changes based on the deflection of the lever. Joysticks offered by MEGATRON use modern contactless hall sensors and classic potentiometers. Our industrial joysticks feature high-quality components that ensure a long life and trouble-free operation.
Due to the broad spectrum of possible applications and their diverse requirements for the joysticks, MEGATRON offers solutions for every need: thumb joysticks for portable devices or for panel integration, finger joysticks for sensitive and simultaneously robust control tasks, hand joysticks for use in the harshest environments and joysticks in ergonomic table housings with integrated keys for additional functions. With this product mix the company can serve diverse customer requirements. At the same time, in-house development, production and quality assurance enable us to respond to individual requirements and to provide customized solutions.