Potentiometric Linear Transducer MM

Very compact linear transducer with rear and front guided push rod and pilot ring for 10 to 30 mm strokes

Effective electrical travel: From 10 to 30 mm in 4 variants
Mechanical position detection: Front and rear side rod with/without spring return
Sensor Technology: Potentiometric
Design: Rectangular plastic profile
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class: IP40
Electrical connection: Radial, Solder contacts
Functions / Features:

The series MM without spring return / MMR with spring return is used in applications with confined space, which require a miniaturized displacement sensor with pilot ring, long lifespan, high accuracy and guided push rod on both sides.

The linear potentiometers of the series MM / MMR are especially compact designed and therefore very suitable for applications with confined space conditions. This compact sensor will be mounted by means of the pilot ring and the two thread holes on the front side. The mechanical detection of linear movement of the linear sensor is done by a rear and front guided push rod. The displacement sensor can be used both as a probe and with a guided push rod. The potentiometric distance measurement is carried out with a high-resolution conductive plastic resistive element. Thanks to this Comolded conductive plastic technology the compact displacement encoder has a very long lifetime and high accuracy due to its good linearity.
Since the potentiometric measuring principle delivers absolute values and requires no electronic conversion, the position feedback signal is true power on without delay, temperature stable and robust against EMC influences.
Customization on electrical connection (finishing with plug) or on the push rod (length, thread, flat ...) or increase in the IP protection class are available on request.

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