Desktop Joysticks

Stand alone joysticks with possibility to customize functions as well as configurations or handles

Desktop joysticks are basically finger joysticks that are integrated in a desktop housing. Controlling with the fingers or with the fingertips offers two advantages: The user has the most feeling and tires much more slowly during this type of control. That's why desktop joysticks are used for applications such as video surveillance and remote control of devices - even when used continuously during a full working day.

The desktop housings offer additional integration possibilities for further functions such as push buttons. Desktop joysticks with USB interface are ready for immediate use under common Windows systems. Some applications can be found in the emergency operation of otherwise fully automated machines. Here, for example, the user can spontaneously attach the desktop joystick to the USB interface of a robot control unit and move it freely.

For demanding applications, MEGATRON accompanies you through the necessary adaptation process. We will find the best product for you and support you with high delivery reliability and assured quality products until the end of lifecycle of your application.