SMD Resistors

SMD resistor for direct soldering on the PCB (printed circuit board)

SMD resistors are suitable for surface mounting on printed circuit boards and are mainly characterized by their miniaturized size, which is usually described by a 4-digit number sequence. Common chip designs include: 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010, 2512, etc. The assembly-friendly design of SMD resistors is ideally suited for automated production processes, as they are supplied on appropriate blister tapes.

Thanks to the terminal design, inductors are largely omitted in SMD resistors. They have high reliability and long-term stability even under difficult environmental conditions. The technologies used for the resistor elements range from metal foil with thin film to wirewound SMD resistors.

MEGATRON offers resistor variants in SMD design, which are manufactured according to customer specifications. With our "Resistor Engineering" we advise you with regard to your application and find the optimal product solution; and this already from relatively small quantities. We are your partner for assured quality products. With high delivery reliability, we focus on long-term cooperation and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application.

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SMD wirewound resistor MSI
SMD Resistor MSI - wirewound
Flame-proofed SMD resistor with load capacity up to 4W @70 °C, very small resistance values from 0.005 Ω, very high temperature range -55 °C…+275 °C
  • With power up  to 4 watts
  • Increased working temperature range -55 °C…+275 °C
  • Flame-proofed UL94 V-0
  • Resistance values from 0.005 Ω…50 kΩ
  • Non-inductive windings (option)
SMD voltage divider MMU
SMD resistor MMU as voltage divider - metal foil
Very temperature-stable voltage divider up to 0,05W @125 °C in SMD design excellent under difficult environmental conditions
  • SMD precision voltage divider
  • Resistance values of 10 Ω…20 kΩ
  • Temperature coefficient from ±5ppm/°C absolute, matching ±1ppm/°C
  • Robust epoxy housing
  • Low induction and low noise
  • Very high accuracy and stability
SMD resistor CPK
SMD Resistor CPK - metal foil
SMD metal foil resistor with excellent long term stability in 0603, 0805 or 1206 design with exactly definable values e.g. 3k529Ω
  • High precision metal foil resistor
  • Resistance tolerance up ±0,01%
  • TCR rate up to ±2ppm/°C
  • Excellent long term stability ∆R ±0,005% @2000 h rated power
  • Exactly definable values e.g. 3k529Ω
SMD resistor MMP_MMQ
SMD Resistor MMP/MMQ - metal foil
Very temperature stable SMD resistor up to +125 °C and increased working temperature range of -65 °C…+175 °C with free bent terminals
  • Very good long-term stability
  • Free bent terminals
  • Resistance values from 30 Ω…60 kΩ
  • Resistance tolerance from ±0,05%
  • Temperature range -65 °C…+175 °C
  • ≥ ±1ppm/°C optional
SMD resistor CPH
SMD Resistor CPH - thin film
SMD resistor with excellent long-term stability, up to ±1ppm/°C and max. working voltage of 300V in sizes 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010
  • Ultra-precise NiCr chip resistor
  • Advanced thin-film technology
  • Low noise construction
  • Resistance tolerance up to ±0.01%
  • Temperature coefficient up to ±1ppm/°C
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