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SMD Resistor for Direct Soldering on PCB’s (printed circuit board)

SMD resistors are characterized most importantly by their miniaturized size, which is usually described in a 4-digit number sequence. Common chip designs among others are:

  • 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010, 2512

The design makes SMD resistors easy to install and is ideally suited for automated manufacturing processes. On the other hand, this design largely eliminates inductances at the connection.
SMD resistors offer a wide range of applications and MEGATRON offers corresponding resistor variants in SMD design. For example with max. resistance values of 200kΩ, temperature coefficients of ±1ppm/°C, resistance tolerance of ±0.01%, as well as SMD resistors with an increased temperature range of -55°C to 275°C. The latter is firmly pressed with epoxy and able to work under pressure up to 4 watts. They are used in demanding applications such as in oil drilling areas or air navigation systems. Even under difficult environmental conditions, they are highly reliable and have long-term stability. The technologies of the resistor elements range from metal foil to thin film to wire-wound, which determine the properties of the SMD resistors.