Magnetic (magnetostrictive) Linear Transducer OMS2

EMC resistant analog high-resolution displacement sensor for 50 to 1500 mm measuring strokes in flat design and protection class IP67

Effective electrical travel: From 50 to 1500 mm in 31 variants
Mechanical position detection: Guided or free cursor
Sensor Technology: Magnetostrictive
Design: Rectangular anodized aluminium profile
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class: IP67
Electrical connection: Axial, Connector
Functions / Features:

The OMS2 linear sensor series are used in harsh environments who requiring a robust, contactless and flat sensor with a very long lifespan in 50 to 1500 mm. The high performance in terms of EMC immunity make the linear sensor suitable for use in industrial environments with presence of electromagnetic interferences.

The OMS2 series (OMS2 is the successor of the OMS series with significantly improved EMC compatibility) detects the mechanical linear movements with a guided or a free cursor. The position evaluation of the magnetic cursor is transformed contactless into a linear analogue signal. The magnetostrictive measurement principle is true power on. The free cursor tolerates mechanical offset up to ±2 mm in vertically and horizontally position. The cursor with ball joints compensates vertical and horizontal offset. This permits applications with critical shock or vibration influences. Due to the absence of the push rod and with the flat design, the displacement sensor can be integrated in a space-saving manner for applications that need a robust construction in IP67 and measurement from 50 to 1500 mm. The measuring principle is contactless and thus enables a very long lifespan of the sensor. The displacement sensor is mounted overhead with clamps.

  • Measurement from 50..1500 mm
  • Wear-free measuring principle and absolute analogue signal
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications IP67
  • Flat design with 14 mm installation height
  • High accuracy because of high resolution and a good linearity

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