Magnetic Manual Encoders

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Manual encoders are operated manually. They are used as a human-machine interface for precise specification of setpoints. The ease of operation is particularly important with setpoint encoders. In order to provide a pleasant haptic in operation, manual encoders are usually equipped with a special torque. Optional end stops and center detent are available to give the user feedback on the operating limits and center position.

The haptic requirements are determined by the application. On request, the product can be adapted beyond the standard options to achieve an even better result for the application. For example, an increase in the torque is required to prevent unintentional adjustment for certain applications. In general, MEGATRON only offers high-quality products which provide an economical solution for a variety of applications.

MEGATRON is your long-term partner for "design in". We would be pleased to advise you and define together with you the functionally and economically optimal product for your application. In doing so, we accompany you reliably with assured quality products and high delivery reliability over the entire lifespan of your application.

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