Inductive Linear Transducer MDC

Robust and compact LVDT displacement sensor with integrated electronics, available in three models and measuring lengths from 2 mm to 200 mm

  • Highly accurate measurement principle
  • For harsh environments (up to IP68)
  • Very long lifespan
  • Suitable for high dynamics
  • Absolute analogue signal
LVDTVDCmAProtection class IP68
Data sheet
Effective electrical travel From 2 to 200 mm in 7 variants
Sensor Technology Inductive (LVDT)
Protection Class Up to IP68 (standard IP65)
Resolution Analogue stepless
Mechanical Detection Type Front side push rod with / without spring return or loose push rod
Electrical Outlet Type Round Cable, Connector
Mounting Flange, Ball Joints, Mounting Brackets / Assembly Block
Electr. output signal 0..5 V, ±10 V, 0..10 V, 0..20 mA, ±5 V, 4..20 mA
Ind. linearity (best) ±0.25% … ±1% (dep. o. travel & option)
Max. operating temperature Up to +70 °C
Min. operating temperature -30 °C
Minimum overall length Medium (15 to 50 cm), Small (< 15 cm)
Supply voltage 24 V, ±15V
The mechanical sensing of linear motion is provided by a front ... more
Product description: Inductive Linear Transducer MDC

The mechanical sensing of linear motion is provided by a front guided or loose push rod. LVDT linear sensor versions are available with a spring-suspended probe tip (MDCT) with internal spring return, with ball joints (MDCG) to compensate for vertical or horizontal misalignment and with a loose push rod (MDCL). The inductive measuring principle of the MDC is configured with a cast coil in LVDT winding. The electronics, which convert the position into a linear analogue signal, are integrated into the sensor housing. The non-contact measurement principle provides a long service life and allows high dynamic applications, especially where small oscillating movements need to be detected. Inductive measurement provides absolute values, true power-on and high resolution. The rugged design of the inductive MDC with IP65 (optional IP67/68) sealing allows it to be used in harsh environments.

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