Finger Joysticks

Fingertip control offers the highest operating precision

Finger joysticks are used wherever individual fingers or fingertips encompass the joystick handle for very precise control tasks. It is a fact that it is in the fingertips that people have the most "feel" and therefore exercise the best control when operating a handle. The type of operation with the fingers determines the size of the joysticks and the enormous range of possible applications.

This also results in the very broad portfolio of finger joysticks, which is expressed within a joystick series with its numerous options for handles, limiters and sensor technology, right up to the integration of push-button switches. The configuration options of the finger joysticks are therefore particularly versatile, but still do not satisfy all demanding applications.

In many applications a technical adjustment is required and MEGATRON offers the solution. We have the claim to provide each customer individually with the best functional and economical result. With high delivery reliability and assured quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application.

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SpaceMouse Joystick
SpaceMouse® Module
Intuitive control of complex 3D movement with one hand only
  • Multidimensional joystick for 3D movements (6 DOF, degrees of freedom)
  • Optimized industrial version
  • Optoelectronic sensor: contact-less and linear
  • UART (serial) or USB interface
Finger joystick-844
Miniature heavy-duty joystick 844
Very robust joystick in variety of designs with minimal installation depth - the miniature heavy-duty joystick
  • Very robust joystick
  • Exceptional electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Small installation depth of < 20 mm
  • Wide selection of configurations/handles
  • Reliability through redundant Hall sensors (optional)
  • Contact-less, wear-free Hall effect technology
  • SIL 2 / PL D capable
Finger joystick-TRY120
Finger Joystick TRY120
Robust finger joystick for use in demanding outdoor and mobile applications.
  • Rugged finger joystick ideal for mobile vehicle applications
  • Easy to service due to plug connection
  • With Hall sensors, optionally redundant
  • Also with digital interfaces (CAN J1939, CANopen, USB)
  • Shallow installation depth < 26 mm
Finger joystick-TRY100
Finger Joystick TRY100
Almost all application needs to be combined in one joystick series thanks to the extensive selection of handles, limiters and output options
  • Variety of handle shapes
  • Good cost/performance ratio
  • Installation depth from 26 mm
  • 1 to 3 axes
  • Optional redundant Hall sensors
  • Optional with digital interfaces (CANopen, CAN J1939, USB)
Finger joystick 842
Finger Joystick 842
Robust potentiometric joystick in a variety of designs - compact but flexible
  • Very robust potentiometric finger joystick with metal mechanics
  • Wide range of knobs
  • Degree of protection up to IP65 above panel
  • Inherently robust towards electromagnetic interference
  • Custom versions possible with friction brake for one axis, spring return for the second axis
  • Microswitches for detecting the central position/deflection optional
  • Customer- specific billet shapes, bellows and sensors on request
Switch Stick 851
Economical switch stick for one- or two-dimensional control
  • Stable stainless steel shaft
  • Small installation depth < 24 mm
  • Spring return to center position
  • IP class 65 (above panel)
  • Good cost/performance ratio
Finger joystick-847
Finger Joystick Series 847
Single axis joystick with modern look and feel with soft-touch surface and state-of-the-art technology
  • Reliability through redundant Hall sensors
  • Protection IP67
  • Handle details in 5 colours
  • Mounting depth 5.8 mm
  • With or without spring return
  • Detent positions and switching outputs availabe
Switch Stick 841
Rugged switch stick for 1 to 2 axes with high quality switches for various switching scenarios
  • Particular robust switch stick
  • Single step or progressive switching
  • Switching up to 1 A with gilded contacts
  • Center detect switch optional
  • Protection up to IP65 (above panel)
  • High lifespan
  • Large selection of handles, also with push buttons
Finger joystick-TRY22
Finger Joystick TRY22
Industrial joystick for three axes of the highest quality in terms of mechanics, materials and workmanship
  • Exceptional quality of mechanics and sensors
  • For demanding applications
  • Contact-less, wear-free Hall Effect technology
  • Redundant outputs available
  • Protection available up to IP65 (above panel)
Finger joystick-821
Miniature Switch Stick 821
Very compact, premium switch stick for 1 to 3 axes and up to 6 micro switches
  • Exceptional quality of mechanics and sensors
  • For demanding applications
  • Protection of IP54 above panel (only X and Y axis)
  • Smallest dimensions with highest life-time
  • Small handle deflection
  • With up to 6 micro switches
Finger joystick-828
Miniature Joystick Series 828
Very compact premium finger joystick for 1 to 3 axes for safe operating feeling and convincing haptic
  • Exceptional quality of mechanics and sensors
  • For demanding applications
  • Protection up to IP54 (above panel)
  • Smallest dimensions with highest life-time
  • Small handle deflection
  • Integrated conductive plastic potentiometer sensors
Finger joystick-826
Joystick Series 826
Premium joystick with highly customizable sensor technology
  • Exceptional quality of mechanics and sensors
  • For demanding applications
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers mounted outside the housing
  • Various configurations possible for switches, detent positions, etc.
  • X and Y axis can be configured differently
  • Friction clutch for one axis, spring return for the other axis possible
  • Protection up to IP65 (above panel)
Finger joystick-829
Finger Joystick Series 829
Joystick of the highest quality with 1 axis for controlling one-dimensional parameters
  • Exceptional quality of mechanics and sensors
  • For demanding applications
  • Optional Hall Effect or potentiometer sensors
  • Diverse configuration options for micro switches, detent positions, etc.
  • With spring return to center, to negative limit, or with friction hold
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