Potentiometric linear position sensor CFL

High accuracy, long life, open frame displacement sensors in 100...500 mm stroke lengths

  • Measuring strokes 100…500 mm
  • Long lifespan
  • Very high resolution
Data sheet Product enquiry
Effective electrical travel From 100 to 500 mm in 5 variants
Sensor Technology Potentiometric
Protection Class IP40
Resolution Analogue stepless
Mechanical Detection Type Guided cursor
Electrical Outlet Type Solder contacts
Mounting Mounting holes
Electr. output signal (voltage - potentiometric)
Ind. linearity (best) ±0.1% … ±0.5% (dep. on option)
Actuating speed < 5 m/s
Max. operating temperature +105 °C
Min. operating temperature -30 °C
Minimum overall length Medium (15 to 50 cm), Long (> 50 cm)
Supply voltage Potentiometric
The CFL series has a high-resolution conductive plastic ... more