Magnetic position sensor HMA2

Very precise magnetic position sensor with measuring strokes from 50..4000 mm is designed for hydraulic applications with up to 350 bar

Effective electrical travel: 50..4000 mm
Mechanical position detection: Unguided cursor / actuator
Sensor Technology: Magnetostrictive
Design: Cylindrical profile, Flange
Resolution: 16 Bit
Protection Class: IP67
Electrical connection: Axial, Cable, Connector
Functions / Features: Hydraulic applications

The linear transducers are designed for an operating pressure of 350 bar with peak values of 500 bar. The distance measurement takes place via an external cursor. Due to the sealed construction the protection grade IP65 is achieved.
Particularly noteworthy is the electromagnetic compatibility according to EMC 2014/30/EU and the maximum power ripple VSUP <1Vpp.

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