Shear Beams

Shear beams with strain gauges measurement technology

Shear beams are ideal for measuring switching or actuating forces. They are fixed to the application on one side of the beam and the force is applied as vertically as possible on the other side. The force measurement is carried out by the double beam measuring principle. This makes these force sensors largely insensitive to the displacement of the vertical force application.

We rely on proven strain gauge technology, which leads to precisely defined relative resistance changes of the strain gauges used when force is applied to the measuring cell. The Wheatstone bridge circuit provides optimum suppression of temperature and lateral force effects. External measuring amplifiers (IMA2DMS) are available as accessories for signal amplification.

Shear beams for force measurement are suitable for both tension and compression, but are usually calibrated for only one direction of force (compression). This means that if they are calibrated for compression, they will also respond to tension, but will not provide accurate readings. Our many years of experience and extensive application know-how are available to you for optimum design-in of special measurement tasks, even for small quantities.