The uncomplicated and durable connection of two workpieces

The permanent joining of two workpieces is fast, uncomplicated and easy with a rivet. No thread is required for the components to be joined. However, the drill hole should always be slightly larger than the shank of a rivet. Depending on the type, assembly is even possible without tools.

Create a secure and durable connection with our expanding rivets and rivets with snap-on fastening made of plastic. Due to their special design, some rivets can even be loosened and reused if necessary. Our range includes rivets with flat or round head, with screwdriver slot and thread as well as press-fit rivets with snap-on fastening.

With the brand ELPAC we offer a wide range of plastic components around the PCB construction and electronic housings. With high delivery reliability and quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application. Take a look at our B2B shop for components and inform yourself about prices, availability and place your order.