Potentiometric oilfilled Linear Transducer WGO20

Potentiometric oil filled linear position sensor WGO20

Potentiometric linear position sensor with oil filling in measuring length 50..200 mm for use in difficult environmental conditions

Effective electrical travel From 50 to 200 mm in 3 variants
Design Cylindrical profile
Sensor Technology Potentiometric
Protection Class IP55
Mechanical position detection Single guided push rod
Resolution Nearly infinite
Functions / Features Oil filled
Electrical connection Axial, Solder contacts, Cable, Connector
Product description: Potentiometric oil filled linear position sensor WGO20

The series WGO40 are hermetically sealed linear potentiometers (wirewound) with oil filling. The transducer is largely insensitive to environmental influences and therefore ideally suited for use under extreme environmental conditions.

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