Adjustment Knobs

Setting knobs with integrated scales or digits

In combination with our potentiometers, our adjustment knobs are ideally suited for precise setpoint setting. So-called analogue adjustment knobs are equipped with a dash scale and digital ones with a digit role. The analogue adjustment knobs with dash scale show the number of full turns in a separate window, the digital adjustment knobs with roller display values from zero to maximum of 9999. Variants with locking mechanism prevent unintentional adjustment of the adjustment knob by vibration or contact.

The correct selection of the knob dimension for operation is of decisive importance. Small knobs allow setpoints to be set faster than larger ones. Larger knobs allow setpoints to be determined more accurately than small ones. For a pleasant haptic impression, it is important to define an appropriate torque for the potentiometer shaft. Please take into account the environmental conditions that could possibly influence the haptic properties.

The adjustment knobs with flexible coupling are ideally suited for demanding applications. The internal mechanics allow a very precise coupling of the potentiometer shaft. The result is a very smooth rotation and a constant torque. Please follow the instructions for mounting our adjustment knobs so that you can fully exploit the haptic advantages of the knobs.