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Wire Resistor - a robust power resistor up to max. 250 watts and high temperatures

The power resistor with wire alloy from MEGATRON achieves an operating power of max. 250 watts with an appropriately dimensioned heat sink. These wire resistors are particularly robust due to their housing design. We offer wire resistors in aluminium housings, which are specially designed for high power consumption, and wire resistors in refractory ceramic housings, which are designed for temperatures up to 275°C in such a way that the heat generated is not transferred to the printed circuit board. Typical applications for aluminium wire-wound resistors are converter and inverter circuits, motor control circuits and power supply units. Refractory wire resistors are used in power and control electronics for electric drives or temperature controls. All in all, our wire-wound resistors are suitable as power resistors for high environmental requirements in which high resistance accuracy and a resistance tolerance with high power consumption over a wide range of temperatures are required.