Optical Linear Transducer MSO

Incremental Linear Transducer MSO

Incremental linear transducer with high resolution up to 1 µm and output channels A, B for 12 to 50 mm strokes

  • High resolution up to 1 µm
  • Output channels A, B
  • Linedriver, Open Collector or TTL
  • High quality ball cage bearing
  • Easy mounting on shaft 8h6mm
  • Temperature stable counting pulses because of glass scale
Effective electrical travel 12 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm
Sensor Technology Incremental (Optical)
Protection Class IP40
Mechanical Detection Type Front side rod with/without spring return
Electrical Outlet Type Round Cable
Mounting Screw Mounting / Bore Holes
Actuating speed < 0.5 m/s
Resolution 1, 2, 5, 10 µm
Min. operating temperature 0 °C
Max. operating temperature +50 °C
Supply voltage 5 V
Electr. output signal Open Collector, TTL, Line Driver
Minimum overall length Small (< 15 cm), Medium (15 to 50 cm)
Product description: Incremental Linear Transducer MSO

In the displacement sensor series MSO, the mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a front guided push rod with inside spring return device. To reach excellent accuracy, the push rod is guided with a high quality ball bearing cage. The cage is placed inside the shaft with the fitting diameter of 8mmh6. On the push rod, an accurate glass scale is mounted. Inside the sensor housing, the glass scale passes an electronic board with optical detector which generates counting pulses in TTL or Line Driver level up to 1 µm resolution. Due to the glass material, the measurement is very temperature stable.

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