Thumb Joysticks

Miniature joysticks for handheld, control panel and hand joystick applications

Thumb joysticks are mostly used when the hand is already helping in the application to support the control task. Therefore, only the thumb is available for control, as it is often implemented in a classic remote control. But thumb joysticks are also used in large hand joysticks for additional control tasks.

Thumb joysticks are integrated in applications with very limited space that require compact and small control devices. Thumb joysticks are therefore to be regarded as miniature joysticks. In addition to miniaturization, the thumb control mode also has an impact on functionality. It is usually limited to one or two control axes and a maximum of one pushbutton. A special form is the TRY20 with three axes, where the Z-axis is controlled with the fingers.

In many applications a technical adjustment is required and MEGATRON offers the solution. We have the claim to provide each customer individually with the best functional and economical result. With high delivery reliability and assured quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application.

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Thumb joystick-TRY20
Thumb Joystick TRY20
The smallest 3-axis joystick on the market thanks to the rotatable knob
  • 3 axes due to rotatable knob (2-axis version optional)
  • Particularly low height above the panel (21 mm without seal, 28 mm with seal)
  • Outstanding quality of mechanics and sensors for many years of reliable operation
  • Contactless, wear-free Hall sensor technology for consistent signal quality over the entire service life
  • Redundant output signals optionally possible for particularly safety-critical applications
Thumb joystick-PW30
Thumb Joystick PW30
Rocker: Stand-alone or integrated device
  • 1 axis rocker
  • Potentiometer or Hall sensors
  • Spring return
  • Ergonomic handle design
Thumb joystick-TRY13
Thumbwheel TRY13
One of our smallest joysticks with Hall sensors
  • 1 axis
  • Ergonomic thumbwheel
  • With spring return
  • Sensitive response to user operation
Thumb joystick-TRY13M
Thumb Joystick TRY13m
Miniature 1-axis joystick - the little brother of TRY13.
  • 1-axis Miniature Joystick
  • Hall-Effect Sensor
  • Easy Snap-In Mounting
  • Thumb Wheel in several colors available
Thumb joystick-TRY14
Thumb Joystick TRY14
Miniature joystick with modern Hall technology
  • Contactless Hall sensors
  • Waterproof, IP class 68 (1 metre) / IP69K
  • Optionally available with dual output, or redundant with separate supply lines
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