Magnetic Linear Transducer IMS

Absolute linear transducer with very high accuracy, protection class IP67 and max. 500 bar peak for 50 to 4000 mm strokes

Effective electrical travel: 50 to 4000mm in 28 variants
Mechanical position detection: Free cursor
Sensor Technology: Magnetostrictive
Design: Cylindrical stainless steel profile
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class: IP67
Electrical connection: Axial, Cable, Connector
Functions / Features: Hydraulic applications

The displacement sensor is suitable for hydraulic applications up to 350 bar (500 bar peak). For mechanically integration, the housing provides a flange construction with fitting gauge or thread. The mechanical detection of the linear movement is done by a cursor ring without pushrod. A special feature is the great tolerance in vertical or horizontal direction of the free magnetic cursor. The position evaluation of the magnetic cursor is transformed contactless into a linear absolute analogue signal and is true power on. The very high accuracy is given by ±0,02% linearity and high resolution up to 10 µm. Even for measuring path beyond 300 mm the IMS is a high performer. The contactless measurement principle allows a very long lifespan.  

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