Incremental Position Sensors

Optical displacement transducers and optical probes

Optical displacement transducers are ideal for use as probes for highly accurate and repeatable measurements. They meet accuracy classes down to 1 µm (0.001 mm), measuring areas thinner than a human hair (approx. 0.08 mm). The change in displacement is detected by opto-electronic scanning of a glass scale, which provides precise counting pulses even when the temperature changes. The distance to be measured is divided into equal increments, which are then counted. The distance travelled is the sum of the increments from a reference point.

The increments are applied as a grid of lines on a linear scale (glass scale) and scanned optically. An incremental system therefore counts the number of steps between two positions. It can be compared to a clock and a stopwatch: The clock measures absolutely, as it indicates a time relative to a reference - the stopwatch measures incrementally, as it indicates how much time has elapsed between two measurement points since the start of the measurement. The electrical pulses are converted to TTL level, open collector or differential line driver level.

These displacement sensors have a wide range of applications, from medical and laboratory instrumentation to precision engineering and robotics. They are suitable, for example, for continuous measurement of material thickness or as precision limit switches. Demanding applications often require product optimization. MEGATRON is your partner with the aim of providing each customer with the best functional and economic result. With high delivery reliability and assured product quality, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your application.