S-Beam Load Cells

Symmetrical force sensors with strain gauge measurement

Due to their good dynamic behaviour, symmetrical design and slim construction, these S-shaped force transducers are often used in materials testing machines, monitoring of tension cables or in lifting equipment as well as in medical technology. They have a central thread at the top and bottom for force and torque measurements in tension or compression direction.

Due to their simple design, S-Beam sensors are a real alternative to expensive force sensors. S-Beams made of stainless steel should be used for dynamic loads, for outdoor use or where strong and aggressive substances are regularly used. If the load is purely static, an aluminium version is usually completely sufficient.

We offer a wide range of standard S-Beam sensors and know the advanced requirements for demanding applications. For the implementation of special measuring tasks, our many years of experience and our broad application know-how are available to you for the optimal design-in; even for small quantities.

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