Inductive displacement sensor RAC

Robust LVDT displacement sensor with AC voltage output in three designs with a wide temperature range and measuring lengths from 25 mm to 940 mm

Effective electrical travel: From 25..940 mm in 10 variants
Mechanical position detection: Schubstange einseitig mit o. ohne Rückstellfeder, loser Kern
Sensor Technology: Inductive
Design: Cylindrical profile
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class:
Electrical connection: Axial, Cable
Functions / Features:

The mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a front guided or loose push rod.  
Available are versions as a probe (RACT) with inner spring return device, with a guided push rod (RACC) on which ball joints can be mounted and with a loose push rod (RACL). All types are supplied with an AC voltage and provide an AC voltage output that is corresponding to the displacement of the core.
The inductive measurement principle of the RAC is configured in LVDT winding. Due to the contactless measurement principle long lifespan can be reached and permits high dynamic application, especially if small oscillating movement has to be detected.

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