Finger Joystick TRY120

Robust finger joystick for use in demanding outdoor and mobile applications.

  • Rugged finger joystick ideal for mobile vehicle applications
  • Easy to service due to plug connection
  • With Hall sensors, optionally redundant
  • Also with digital interfaces (CAN J1939, CANopen, USB)
  • Shallow installation depth < 26 mm
CANopenCANj1939VDCUSB connectionProtection class IP67
Data sheet
Size Finger Joystick
Technology Hall Effect
Axes 1 to 3 axes
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Output interface USB, Voltage regulator, CANopen, CAN J1939, Analogue voltage output
Housing depth under panel ≤ 26 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 1, 2, 0
Sealing above panel IP67
Limiter plate Square
Supply voltage 24..≤35 V, others - potentiometric, 5 V, 9..≤24 V
The TRY120 series with Hall sensors is a compact, robust finger ... more
Product description: Finger Joystick TRY120

The TRY120 series with Hall sensors is a compact, robust finger joystick series that has been optimized for mobile vehicle applications

The joystick TRY120 has the dimensions of a modern, compact finger joystick, but is especially optimized for use in harsh environments. The internal mechanism is made of metal, the spring return forces are increased, and the seal is IP67 for all handles. The handle can be equipped with up to 3 axes and 2 buttons. The maximum permissible force on the mechanism is 350 N, and the Z-axis of the knob can be loaded with up to 9 Nm torque. The mechanical lifespan of 5 million movements ensures safe operation over the entire lifespan of machines. Both analogue or digital output signals are available, and redundant sensors are optional for safety-critical applications. CANBus is available in the variants J1939 and CANOpen. This way, the Joystick TRY120 ideally meets the needs of mobile vehicle applications.

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