Miniature Joystick Series 828

Very compact premium finger joystick for 1 to 3 axes for safe operating feeling and convincing haptic

  • Exceptional quality of mechanics and sensors
  • For demanding applications
  • Protection up to IP54 (above panel)
  • Smallest dimensions with highest lifetime
  • Small handle deflection
  • Integrated conductive plastic potentiometer sensors
Data sheet
Size Finger Joystick
Technology Potentiometric
Axes 3, 1, 2
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Output interface Analogue voltage output
Housing depth under panel ≤ 34 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 1, 0
Sealing above panel Standard IP, IP54 available for 2 axis version with rubber boot
Limiter plate Square, Round, Plus, Slotted y direction (1 axis)
The 828 series finger joystick is a premium product that ... more
Product description: Miniature Joystick Series 828

The 828 series finger joystick is a premium product that combines precision and long life in compact dimensions

The 828 Series joystick meets the highest demands for quality in both mechanics and sensor technology. Its strengths lie in demanding applications with 1 to 3 axes and limited space, where no compromises are made in terms of durability and reliability.
The high quality mechanical construction and the resulting high quality haptics provide a secure feel for precise machine control.

  • Lifetime minimum 5 million operations
  • Small operation displacement (approx. 10°/15° from centre position)
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