Finger Joystick Series SpaceMouse® Module

Intuitive control of complex 3D movement with one hand only

Size: Finger Joystick
Technology: Opto-electronic
Axes: ≥ 4
Return Mechanism: Spring Return
Interface: USB und UART
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 15 mm

The optimized industrial module in modern design for intuitive control of 6 degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF), by pushing, pulling, rotating, tilting of the ergonomically handle

The SpaceMouse® Module is the ideal man-machine interface for controlling 3D movements in industrial applications - only with one hand! It is the ideal input device for teaching robots, moving cameras, measurement systems, drones etc. The module covers both rotation and translation movements due to the 6-axis sensor. Consequently, it may replace two conventional joysticks in many applications, and thus the SpaceMouse® Module increases the control capabilities of the operator, saves space in control panels, and reduces investment costs. Totally new control concepts and control panels can be realized, without need of extensive training of the operator.
The industrial module is characterized by an optimized feel for industrial control applications, including a higher spring tension, smaller dead zone, features a robust and long-lived handle material, and has a dust-proof sealing. Unaffected by ageing or static magnetic fields, the module works reliably without abrasion of the internal mechanics. Core of the module is an optoelectronic sensor from 3Dconnexion, which is proving itself a million times worldwide inside 3D-mice. The ergonomically optimized handle with 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) tops off the product's attractive features.

  • Sensor contact-less and wear-free due to the opto-electronic detection
  • Small installation depth
  • Easy installation due to screw flange
  • Can replace 2 conventional joysticks in many applications (6 degrees of freedom)

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