Finger Joystick Series SpaceMouse® Module

Synthesis of Joystick and Trackball - an industrial module for easy integration

Size: Finger Joystick
Technology: Opto-electronic
Axes: ≥ 4
Return Mechanism: Spring Return
Interface: USB und UART
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 15 mm

The robust and high-precision SpaceMouse®Module is the ideal Men-Machine-Interface for industrial applications. Even under harsh environmental conditions the sensor system is working reliable and precice – resisting extreme temperatures, dust, aging and static magnetic fields.
The heart of the SpaceMouse®Modules is an optoelectronic system which is being used worlwide million of times in 3D mice. Using the ergonomically optimized controller cap applications can be manipulated with up to 6 degrees of freedom. SpaceMouse®Modules are available with UART and USB interfaces.

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