Finger Joystick Series 826

Premium finger joystick with highly customizable sensor technology

Size: Finger Joystick
Technology: Potentiometric
Axes: 1 to 2
Return Mechanism: Spring Return or Friction Clutch
Interface: Analog
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 44 mm

The adaptability of the sensors in the premium joystick series 826 is unequalled on the field of finger joysticks

The finger joystick series 826 fulfils the highest demands on quality. It shows its strengths at challenging applications with up to 2 axes, where no compromises are made when it comes to endurance and reliability, and the application askes for special sensor configurations.
Die configuration options of the series 826 are unique: both axes exhibit a separated shaft for the sensors, so that the sensors, micro switches and return mechanism (spring return/friction clutch) can be adjusted individually. Especially for safety critical applications, this series is often the only series that offers the necessary options to fulfil the requirements.
On request the following options are available:

  • Multiple redundant sensors (tandem, triple potentiometers)
  • Center detent positions
  • Customer specified detent positions
  • Gradated detent positions
  • Micro switches for detection of center position
  • Micro switches, switching at customer-specified angles

This way, the joysticks of the series 826 can be flexibly configured for all possible application scenarios.

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