Thumb Joystick Series TRY13m

Miniature 1-axis joystick - the little brother of TRY13.

The TRY13m is the little brother of our TRY13: A thumb joystick in miniature size. Compact dimensions allow high density of components, making the TRY13m an ideal choice when space is limited. The TRY13m joysticks can be integrated into hand-gripped joysticks (e.g. TRY81), or into mobile or stationary user panels and remote controls.

Size: Thumb Joystick
Technology: Hall Effect
Axes: 1
Return Mechanism: Spring Return
Interface: Analog
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 18 mm

  • 1-axis Miniature Joystick
  • Hall-Effect Sensor
  • Easy Snap-In Mounting
  • Thumb Wheel in several colors available

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