Finger Joystick 842

Robust potentiometric joystick in a variety of designs - compact but flexible

  • Very robust potentiometric finger joystick with metal mechanics
  • Wide range of handles
  • Protection up to IP65 above panel
  • Inherently robust towards electromagnetic interference
  • Custom versions possible with friction brake for one axis, spring return for the second axis
  • Microswitches for detecting the central position/deflection optional
  • Customer-specific billet shapes, bellows and sensors on request
PotentiometerProtection class IP65
Data sheet
Axes 1, 2, 3
Output interface Analogue voltage output
Size Finger Joystick
Return Mechanism Spring Return, Friction Clutch
Technology Potentiometric
Housing depth under panel 31...≤40 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 0, 1, 2
Sealing above panel Dust and spray water protection (IP54 or better), Dust and water tight (IP65 or better)
Limiter plate Square, Slotted y direction (1 axis)
Inherently RFI/EMC immune and most flexible in its class The ... more
Product description: Finger Joystick 842

Inherently RFI/EMC immune and most flexible in its class

The 842 series joysticks offer features normally found only in larger joystick models, despite being a very compact finger joystick. Of particular note is the ability to configure the three axes independently and the option of a friction clutch in the X and/or Y axis.
The series is equipped with potentiometers, as potentiometers are still the best choice when EMI/RFI resistance requirements are very high. The joysticks are available with up to 3 axes and feature a robust metal mechanical mechanism. This allows the return characteristics of the X and Y axes to be varied, for example by using a stronger or weaker spring or by using a friction clutch.
The variety of handle shapes allows the optimum product to be selected for the application. A special feature is the option for microswitches when the open frame version is selected.

  • Potentiometers available in rail-to-rail configuration (full angle) or with partial angle output
  • Alternative to Hall effect joysticks due to inherent immunity to electromagnetic interference
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