Hand Joystick Series 890

Very robust hand joystick with stock grip handle and highly configurable metal mechanism

  • Superior mechanical and sensor quality
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers or Hall sensors
  • Wide range of configuration options for switches, latching positions
  • Available with spring return to centre position or with friction brake
  • IP65 protection (above panel)
PotentiometerVDCmASwitchProtection class IP65
Data sheet
Size Hand Joystick
Technology Hall Effect, Potentiometric
Axes 1, 2, 3
Return Mechanism Spring Return, Friction Clutch
Output interface Switch, Analogue voltage output, Analogue current loop 4-20 mA
Housing depth under panel ≤ 50 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 0, 1
Sealing above panel IP65
Limiter plate Plus, L-shaped (forward x and y only), Slotted y direction (1 axis), Square, Slotted x direction (1 axis), Round
The large Hand Grip Joysticks of the 890 series with stock grip ... more
Product description: Hand Joystick Series 890

The large Hand Grip Joysticks of the 890 series with stock grip handle have been specially designed for multi-axis machine control in harsh, demanding environments where quality, haptics and configurable sensors are required. The joysticks are a guarantee of success in demanding applications with up to three axes.
It is often necessary to adjust the return behaviour and spring force to suit the application. In the 890 series, the axis mechanics are made of metal and the axes are designed with separate shafts for the X and Y axes. This allows the sensors for each axis to be configured largely independently:

  • The joystick handle can be configured either to return automatically to the centre position via a spring (various spring strengths available), or to remain at its current deflection by integrating a friction brake.
  • Optional lock positions (for x- and y-axis) can be realized, e.g. to give the user the feeling that the centre position has been reached.

This allows the joystick feel to be tailored to the application.
For safety-critical applications, additional micro switches can be ordered to switch at a customer-defined deflection angle. Redundant switching configurations are also available.
The following microswitches are commonly fitted:

  • Microswitch for detecting the centre position (for x- and y-axis)
  • Microswitch for detecting 5°, 10° or 15° deflection (for x- and y-axis)

Potentiometers are normally used as the main sensors for measuring angular deflection in the 890 series, as they are passive components and therefore immune to electromagnetic interference and electrical discharge. However, modern Hall sensors are also available, which have the advantage of a non-contact measuring principle and therefore show minimal drift in the output signal over long periods of operation. Both sensor options are available in a redundant version.

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