Finger Joystick Series TRY100

High precision at shallow installation depth

The TRY100 series can be considered as successor of our famous TRY10 series. The TRY100 is also based on contactless Hall sensors, and is also offering most of the same options, like e.g. handle designs with up to two pushbuttons. Modern Hall sensors, reduced installation depth and further improved price-performance ratio are good reasons for these joysticks.

Size: Finger Joystick
Technology: Hall Effect
Axes: 1 to 3
Return Mechanism: Spring Return
Interface: Analog, USB, CANbus J1939, CANopen, Voltage Regulator
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 26 mm

  • Shallow installation depth < 26mm
  • Service-friendly due to connectors
  • Available interfaces include USB, Dual Output and Voltage Regulator

Application examples:

Joysticks for medical technology solutions

Joysticks for safety engineering solutions

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