Finger joystick-844

Miniature heavy-duty joystick 844

Very robust joystick in variety of designs with minimal installation depth - the miniature heavy-duty joystick

  • Very robust joystick
  • Exceptional electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Small installation depth of < 20 mm
  • Wide selection of configurations/handles
  • Reliability through redundant Hall sensors (optional)
  • Contact-less, wear-free Hall effect technology
  • SIL 2 / PL D capable
VDCPWM signalProtection class IP65
Axes 1, 2, 3
Output interface Analogue voltage output, CANopen, CAN J1939, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Size Finger Joystick
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Technology Hall Effect
Housing depth under panel ≤ 20 mm for analogue versions, <32 mm for CAN versions
Number of Pushbuttons 0, 1, 2, 3
Sealing above panel Up to IP65 depending on handle configuration
Limiter plate Square, Round, Plus, Slotted y direction (1 axis), Diamond (square, rotated 45°)
Product description: Miniature heavy-duty joystick 844

Unbeatable small installation depth and the highest stability in its class

The joysticks of the series 844 exhibit properties, which are normally found in heavy-duty products only, even though it is a very compact finger joystick. For example, with handle "T" the 844 becomes the most compact stock grip joystick with push button (see picture above in the center). In this configuration, the 844 has the advantage over larger models of lower price and space requirements.

The joysticks of the series 844 are equipped with wear-less Hall Effect sensors, are available with up to 3 axes, and exhibit a robust mechanical construction, with a ball-socket pivot. It withstands high push, pull, translational and rotational forces, up to a load of 400 N (vertically). The operational lifetime is up to 10 million operations. The EMI/RFI resistance is impressive, due to an internal magnetic screening, and redundant sensors are available.
With protection up to IP65, a variety of handle shapes, limiters and output options, the optimum product can be selected for the application. 

  • Analogue, PWM, CAN J1939 or CANopen output
  • Supply voltage of 5 V (analogue ratiometric) or 3.3 V (analogue stabilized), 7..35 VDC for CAN versions
  • Center detection and center tap as standard for 5 V supply voltage versions
  • Impressive 400 N / 40 kg load max from above
  • Unrivalled installation depth of < 20 mm.

Application examples:

Joysticks in apparatus engineering

Joysticks for safety engineering solutions

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