Hand joystick-871

Hand Joystick Series 871

Hand joystick of highest quality with multifunction cobra handle

  • Ergonomic Cobra handle providing space for individual components placement
  • Customized version with up to 5 axes possible
  • Robust construction ideally suited for heavy-duty applications
  • Expected life of more than 5 million operations without change in feel
  • Small installation depth of <49 mm for space-saving integration into panels and driver's cabs
  • Separate wiring of switches other input elements for safe operation
Axes 2, 3, ≥ 4
Output interface Analogue voltage output
Size Hand Joystick
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Technology Hall Effect
Housing depth under panel ≤ 49 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 0, 1, 2, 3, ≥4
Sealing above panel Standard IP40, IP65 available as special version
Limiter plate Square
Product description: Hand Joystick Series 871

The medium-sized Cobra joysticks of the 871 series were specially developed for multi-axis control of machines in demanding applications, where the highest requirements on quality and feel have to be met at the same time. The design is compact and therefore offers advantages in limited space where many operating functions are required.

The joystick's design for the application can be individualized through specific functional configurations with mini-joysticks, rockers, operator presence paddle, as well as buttons above and below the joystick head. This way, customized handles with up to 3 rockers can be realized, so that the joystick can be equipped with up to 5 axes/degrees of freedom. The ergonomic design of the Cobra knob ensures fatigue-free operation and the accessibility of the additional functions.

Thanks to the non-contact Hall effect technology, the joysticks are extremely reliable and safe to use even under the toughest conditions. The buttons and rockers of the control knob are wired separately. They can therefore be operated at higher voltage levels and loads compared to the Hall sensors of the base electronics.

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