Thumb Joystick TRY20

The smallest 3-axis joystick on the market thanks to the rotatable knob

  • 3 axes due to rotatable knob (2-axis version optional)
  • Particularly low height above the panel (21 mm without seal, 28 mm with seal)
  • Outstanding quality of mechanics and sensors for many years of reliable operation
  • Contactless, wear-free Hall sensor technology for consistent signal quality over the entire service life
  • Redundant output signals optionally possible for particularly safety-critical applications
Data sheet
Size Thumb Joystick
Technology Hall Effect
Axes 3, 2
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Output interface Analogue voltage output
Housing depth under panel ≤ 31 mm
Sealing above panel IP40 with hard cover, IP54 with rubber boot, IP65 as special version for two axes
Limiter plate Square
Unique: The TRY20 offers 3 axes and is still a compact thumb ... more
Product description: Thumb Joystick TRY20

Unique: The TRY20 offers 3 axes and is still a compact thumb joystick

Unique in their class, the TRY20 Series joysticks feature a rotatable knob that acts as a z-axis, providing an additional proportional third degree of freedom to control the application.

The industrial joysticks are of the highest quality in terms of mechanics, materials and workmanship. The high quality haptics provide a secure feel and allow the user to precisely control movements in several dimensions. Dual (redundant) outputs are available as an option, enabling use in safety-critical applications. IP40 protection (hard cover) and IP54 sealed (rubber bellows) versions are available. If the Z-axis (the rotatable knob) is not required, the 2-axis IP65 version can be implemented as a special variant.

The TRY20 is particularly suitable for the following requirements

  • When a thumb joystick is required for a control concept and a Z-axis is required to provide a third dimension directly on the joystick, there are advantages, for example, in controlling up and down movements in addition to movements in the plane.
  • When space in the panel is limited, but 3 axes control is still required
  • When a particularly low height of the control above the panel is required (from 21 mm)
  • When "conventional" thumb joysticks do not meet the high demands of the application.

The TRY20 series is particularly popular for use in remote controls: the special freedom of movement of the thumb joint allows the user to control two dimensions comfortably and precisely by placing the thumb on the knob, similar to the use of game pads. For example, an unmanned vehicle can be controlled as it moves. The TRY20 can also be used to control an additional function, such as extending a telescopic arm, by turning the knob. There is no need to move the hand from the joystick to another control, and the user can see the application throughout the control process.

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