Hand Joystick Series 870

High-quality hand joystick with stock grip handle

  • Robust design, predestined for heavy-duty applications
  • Lifespan of over 5 million movements for long-term reliable operation
  • Small installation depth of <49 mm for space-saving installation in control panels and driver's cabs
  • Optionally with button, rocker switch or z axis to control additional functions
  • 12-pin connector for easy installation in series production (optionally also with cable outlet)
  • Up to IP65 protection
VDCSwitchProtection class IP65
Data sheet
Axes 2, 3
Output interface Analogue voltage output
Size Hand Joystick
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Technology Hall Effect
Housing depth under panel ≤ 49 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 0, 1
Sealing above panel IP65
Limiter plate Square
The medium-sized hand joysticks of the 870 series with stock ... more
Product description: Hand Joystick Series 870

The medium-sized hand joysticks of the 870 series with stock grip handle are designed for multi-axis machine control in demanding applications where quality and feel are of the utmost importance.

The joysticks are a guarantee of success in demanding applications with up to three axes, where quality, durability and reliability are paramount. The joysticks are precision machined to give a high quality feel, providing a secure operating experience and allowing the user to precisely control movements in several dimensions.

Non-contact Hall effect technology and optional dual outputs make the joysticks extremely reliable and safe to use in the harshest conditions. The joystick is electrically connected via a 12-pin connector, making it easy to install. The installation depth of <49 mm is particularly advantageous where space is limited.

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