Hand Joystick Series 870

High-quality hand joystick with stock grip handle

  • Robust design
  • Lifespan of over 5 million movements
  • Small installation depth of <49 mm
  • Optionally with button, rocker switch or z axis 
  • 12-pin connector (optional cable)
  • Up to IP65 protection
VDCmASwitchProtection class IP65
Data sheet Product enquiry
Size Handgrip Joystick
Technology Hall Effect
Axes 2, 3
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Output interface Analogue voltage output, Analogue current loop 4-20 mA
Housing depth under panel ≤ 49 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 0, 1
Sealing above panel IP65
Limiter plate Square
Supply voltage Analog output: 5 V | Current output 12-24 V
The medium-sized hand joysticks of the 870 series with stock ... more