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Please note: Some of these series have been discontinued. We no longer actively sell them and do not recommend design-in. In some cases, we may be able to supply spare parts or recommend a replacement product. Angle sensors that we recommend for new design-in can be found here

Rotary Encoder MAB22A

Product is no longer available. Successor product HTx25

Incremental Hall-Effect Encoder MIB22
22 mm standard housing encoder with incremental interface and ball bearings

Incremental Encoder MIB22

  • Resolution up to 1024 ppr.
  • 2 channels + reference pulse
  • 2 ball bearings
  • Supply voltage 5 V, 8…30 V 
  • Interfaces: Open Collector, TTL
  • 22 mm housing diameter
  • Read out of the absolute position possible due to counting up (option EI3)