Contactless Hall Effect Encoder Series ENA28 - EcoTurn®

Economic sensor with analog output - in many cases replacement for precision potentiometers

Product is not available. Successor product ETA25

  • Contactless sensor technologie (Hall-Effect)
  • Ø 28 rugged low-cost plastic housing
  • 3 housing types: bushing, flange and kit
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Programmable angle range from 0..20° to 0..360°
  • With and without mechanical stop
  • With several actuating torques (bushing version)
  • Long life time due to polymer sleeve bearing or sinter bronze bearing
  • Analog output 0..5 V, 0..10 V, 0/4..20 mA, PWM
  • Redundant outputs
  • Supply voltage 5 VDC, 9..30 VDC
  • Signal characteristics programmable from factory
  • Numerous mechanical and electrical options

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