Rotary Encoder Kit MxB22AH

Contactless Hall Effect Encoder Series MIB22H

Hermetically sealed kit-encoder with incremental interface for use in rough environment

Product is no longer available!
Resolution resolution 1..128 ppr. free selectable, 256, 512, 1024
Functions / Features Without mech. stop
Output signal incremental, read out of the absolute position optionally possible
Protection class Up to IP67
Sensor technology Hall Effect Encoder
Mounting Clamp ring
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Product description: Contactless Hall Effect Encoder Series MIB22H
  • 22 mm housing diameter
  • Resolution up to 1024 ppr
  • 2 channels + reference pulse
  • Supply voltage: 5 V, 8…30 V
  • Interfaces: Open Collector, TTL
  • Read out of the absolute position possible due to counting up (option EI3)
  • IP67 protection class
  • No wear parts (kit encoder)
  • Fine adjustment by a free rotatable mounting ring

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