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Angle Sensors and Panel Encoders from MEGATRON

An extensive spectrum of single and multi-turn sensors is available for your application. We will assist you in determining the requirements of the application and the suitable technology, such as hall effect, optical or potentiometric. Available electrical interfaces include current or voltage output, incremental signal, PWM, SSI, SPI and others. The signal characteristic (angle of rotation, plateaus, direction of rotation) can also be customized at the factory to meet specific requirements. For configuration in the field we offer single and multi-turn encoders with a teach-in interface.
Panel encoder need an additional actuating torque to prevent accidental displacement for example caused by vibration. We offer numerous haptic selections from continuous to detent torques. We have encoders with mechanical end stop in order to align the mechanical angle with a scale.  Acknowledgement of the input by means of an integrated push button switch or a menu control are available as options. Furthermore we have various options for direct PCB mounting. For optimal adaptation to the customer’s mechanical components we offer numerous sizes and housing variations. The spectrum covers all standard industrial versions, from economy-priced bushing mount versions with optional polymer bearings to servo flange housings with ball bearings to non-wearing kit encoders. Our special strength is customized adaptation of shafts, housings and drive components, as well as the manufacture of ready-made cables and plugs.