Optical Encoders

Optoelectronic encoders with incremental outputs

Optical rotary encoders provide an incremental output signal, which is why they are considered incremental encoders. Hardly any other sensor technology offers more precise and reproducible positioning or adjustment processes than optical rotary encoders, which is why they are ideally suited to applications for speed measurement and position determination with high repeat accuracy.

With very high resolutions or pulses per revolution and very high revolutions per minute, our optical encoders in shaft, kit or hollow shaft versions open up a wide field of applications. These include miniaturized and robust optical encoders for use under difficult conditions.

Take advantage of the wide range of variants in the MEGATRON product range and decide on the right optical encoder for your design-in. For demanding applications, technical product adaptation is often required. MEGATRON is your specialist for these cases. With high delivery reliability and assured quality products, we rely on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your application.

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