Optical Kit-Encoder SPEH

Very flat optical hollow shaft kit encoder in Ø22 mm housing with speeds up to 60,000 rpm and up to 1000 ppr.

  • Flat design 11 mm
  • Up to 60,000 rpm
  • Limit frequency 100 kHz
  • Up to 1000 pulses per revolution
  • Kit design
  • Option through-hole in cover
Data sheet
Sensor technology Optical Encoder
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Functions / Features Kit-Encoder, Without mech. stop
Resolution Up to 1000 ppr.
Output signal Incremental
Electrical connection Connector, Radial
Protection class IP40
Mounting Hub
Shaft diameter 1.50 .. 6.35 mm
Housing diameter 22 mm
Housing depth min. 11.33 mm
This very flat optical incremental encoder with only 11 mm ... more
Product description: Optical Kit-Encoder SPEH

This very flat optical incremental encoder with only 11 mm height and limit frequency of 100 kHz uses the bearing of the application. The encoder is completely wear-free. In addition, this allows measurements at speeds up to 60,000 rpm. Interfaces are TTL or Line Driver for longer transmission distances. Through holes for the cover are available as an option for through shafts. In addition, the ready-made Molex plug-in connection enables convenient mounting.

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