Optical Encoder MOM18

Space-saving optical encoder with ball bearing in 18 mm housing with high angular resolution up to 1600 ppr. and index

Resolution: 100..1600 ppr.
Protection class: Up to IP50
Sensor technology: Optical Encoder
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Incremental
Shaft diameter: 2,50 mm
Housing diameter: 18 mm
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Connection type: Single strands, Single strands with Hirose plug

    The optical encoder MOM18 is ideally suited for compact and demanding applications where a high angular resolution with reference impulse is required.

    The optical encoder MOM18 with ball bearing features a high resolution of up to 1600 ppr., limit frequency of 200 kHz and a compact metal housing of only Ø18 mm in IP50. With these values, the optical encoder is ideally suited for demanding applications in confined conditions. Interfaces are Open Collector or Line Driver for longer transmission distances. In addition, the ready-made Hirose plug-in connection enables convenient mounting. As well it can be selected between radial or axial cable outputs depending on the available space.

    Application example rotary encoders for medical technology solutions

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