Optoelectronic Handwheel MHU

High-class handwheel with detent as set point device for control panels

Connection Method: Terminal Block
Sensor Technology: Optical
Push Switch: Without
Mechanical Stop: Without
Detent: With
Protection Class: up to IP64
Electrical Interface: Incremental

Due to its very compact design, the MHU handwheel only requires a mounting depth of 10 mm. The diameter of the knob of 60 mm allows an equally precise input. The sliding-mounted crank on the handwheel allows comfortable adjustment. The detent is divided into 100 clicks and a scale with pointer provides orientation. The input device is available in the colors black and silver as well as with 25 or 100 pulses per revolution. With a lifespan of 1 million revolutions, the handwheel underlines its build quality and achieves IP64 protection with an optional shaft seal. The handwheel is preferably used to control machine tools such as CNC, lathes and milling machines as well as test benches.

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