Optoelectronic Manual Encoder MRB

The MRB panel encoder has the widest selection of detent torques, push button operating forces and is suitable for low-power applications

  • Largest selection of detent torques and push button operating forces
  • Short push button travel path
  • Low power consumption <10 mA
  • Lifespan > 1 million revolutions
  • Resolution 25 or 16 ppr.
  • Up to IP55
  • TTL output with Schmitt trigger
Data sheet
Resolution max. 25 ppr.
Functions / Features With/without push button switch; 0, 16, 25 detents
Output signal Incremental
Protection class Up to IP55
Sensor technology Optical Encoder
Shaft diameter 6.00 mm, 6.35 mm
Mounting Bushing
Electrical connection Radial, Solder contacts, Cable
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Housing depth min. 8.9 mm
With the widest choice of tactile feedback, the panel encoder ... more
Product description: Optoelectronic Manual Encoder MRB

With the widest choice of tactile feedback, the panel encoder can be adapted to suit the application.

The MRB panel encoders are used for manual setpoint adjustment and their low power consumption makes them suitable for use in battery-powered equipment. The wide range of detent torques, pushbutton actuation forces and electrical connection options is particularly noteworthy.
This variety provides a high degree of freedom in the choice of operating button. For example, a small diameter knob combined with a high detent torque can ensure that the desired value can only be changed with a higher operating force. This combination can, for example, prevent unintentional changes to current values. On the other hand, a knob with a larger diameter can provide the desired smooth operating feel, as a higher leverage is applied to the fulcrum.

Portfolio allocation

  • Detents / resolutions: Two variants of detents, even without mechanical detent
    There are 2 different mechanical detents 16 or 25 ppr. (16 or 25 audible and tactile "clicks") or without mechanical detent (16 or 25 ppr.) available. If a lower resolution is required, this can be found again in the MRS series.
  • Detent torques: Four variants - largest selection
    The MRB rotary encoder offers the widest selection of detent torques. In four variants, from a smooth to a very high detent torque (0.4 ±0.1 Ncm / 0.6 ±0.2 Ncm / 1.05 ±0.35 Ncm / 1.6 ±0.5 Ncm). In the variant without mechanical detent, an operational torque (<0.4 Ncm) remains.
  • Push button: With or without push button – in three actuating force variants and short travel path
    The panel encoder has an integrated (or optionally no) push button. The travel path is the shortest in the portfolio. To meet the haptic and / or safety-related needs, there are three options for the operating force of the push button to choose from. If a particularly long stroke is required, we recommend the MRT series.
  • Design:
    Compact in four electrical connection variants, shaft side up to IP55. More compact is only the MRS.
  • Power supply / output signal:
    5 V or 3.3 V power supply, TTL output

Application examples:

Panel encoders with push button for medical technology solutions

Panel encoders for measuring technology and apparatus engineering applications

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